Choosing the best Acer gaming laptop Under $1000

If you plan to invest in a good gaming laptop soon, then you should consider the some of the Best Acer Gaming Laptops Under $1000 2017. Simply put, Acer is one of those high-end computer production companies and the immense amount of experience they have in the technology sector is unrivaled. The company is well known for the production of flagship laptop models that are perfect for almost any type of computing tasks. In this case, the best Acer gaming laptops will be a good place for gamers to kickstart their search regime:

Best Laptops

Acer-Aspire-E-15-156Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG

The Aspire E5-575G laptop lets you enjoy a diverse array of features when it comes to conventional computing. More so, it also comes with an attractive aesthetic design and an appealing aesthetic that surpasses the conventional gaming laptops. Users are also guaranteed of superior performance with the efficient 802.11-ac wireless feature to let you access WebPages with just the click of a button. It also comes with NVIDIA GeForce 940MX graphics card along with well over 8GB DDR4 memory that can handle most of your heavyweight tasks. This laptop also comes with a next-generation Intel Core i5 processor that powers through most heavyweight tasks with ease.

Aspire-VX-15Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming Laptop

The Acer Aspire VX 15 Gaming laptop is not only a powerful but sleek and appealing laptop as well. This is one of the legendary gaming machines that Acer has ever produced and it also comes with a futuristic design with excellent angles and lines. It has was featured as the best gaming laptop under $1000 on LaptopNinja and ralso received an 82% on PCVerge . It also has an amazing 15.6 inch Full HD display, that lets you enjoy your visuals with immersive results. The VX 15 is a combination of a top quality 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor that powers through all your tasks like a breeze. Best of all, this Acer gaming laptop also comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card that produces the image quality like never before.

Swift7-gallery-02Acer Swift 7, 13.3″ Full HD

Enjoy an unrivaled gaming experience by trying out the highly portable Acer Swift Laptop that can work unplugged by providing an average of 8hours of battery power. This laptop also guarantees 3x faster wireless speeds with its unique 802.11ac Wi-Fi technology. More so, the Acer swift laptop will also help you to enjoy supreme visuals whereby everything will appear sleek and unique on the 13.3-inch Full HD screen. Based on information that we obtained from this unit also has a wide precision touchpad that provides users with sufficient space for navigating the functionalities of the computer.

New Acer Laptop Aspire E 15 E5-575G-52RJ

The Acer Laptop Aspire E5-575G-52RJ laptop comes with a diverse range of features to make the perfect addition to your computing requirements. From the appealing aesthetic design to the sleek lines, this laptop is bound to make an impression on any computing enthusiast and not only gamers. Another notable feature of this unit is that it comes with a 6th generation Intel Core i5 processor that takes your task completion skills to the next level. In fact, you can be sure of excellent start up speeds and enhanced internet connectivity.

Acer Aspire V3-572-75D2 15.6″ LED (ComfyView) Notebook

Experience next generation computing with the Acer Aspire V3-572-75D notebook that guarantees blazing fast start-up speeds and exceptional performance to make it the perfect addition for gamers. The ample sized 15.6-inch screen lets you view your images with superior results, and it is backed by NVIDIA GeForce graphics for mobility and speed. With well over 1TB of hard drive space and 12GB RAM, this laptop is more than capable of becoming a perfect addition for games, music, and movies.


Considering all the relevant factors in gaming, the best Acer gaming laptops under $1000 2017 are a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants unrivaled gaming experiences each time. This is because these laptops are robust and come with many different hardware and software features to make gaming a breeze. Keep in mind that Acer is one of those high end brands that never fails at producing top quality units for its users and especially gamers.


Console Vs PC Gaming

PC Games vs. Consolesskyrim11 (1)

Ask any given gamer, and he (or she) is bound to have strong opinions about the topic of which device gives the better overall gaming experience, the PC or the Console. The reality is that the two platforms are so different, that it’s almost impossible to do a head to head comparison. Having said that, we’ll certainly do our best!



The Console – Strengths and Weaknessesmaxresdefault (2)


One of the best things about console games is that you load the disc, and it works. You’re ready to play in mere seconds. No installations, and no settings to tweak. If convenience is your thing, then console games are for you, no question about it.



Aside from the ease of use and convenience, there’s the fact that a lot of great titles are exclusive to the console. Relatively few developers make games that are exclusively for the PC. Note here, that there are exceptions. If you love indie games, you won’t find many that are made for consoles. Also, deep strategy games are typically the exclusive domain of the PC. It would be hard to fathom how you could play a true grognard-style strategy game via a console controller. A keyboard is all but required for that sub-genre. For most mere mortals, however, the console controller is simply easier to use and more intuitive.



Having said that, the sheer convenience of the console as a platform also underscores their key weakness. The lack of options. You get the vanilla game, period. Sure, you can adjust some basic settings, but compared to the vast pool of customizations available to PC gamers, what you can tweak on your console is a pale shadow.



The PC – Strengths and WeaknessesPC-Gaming


PC gamers tend to scoff at consoles. They prefer to control every aspect of their gaming experience, and the PC lends itself well to this. PC games tend to have longer playable lifespans than their Console counterparts, specifically because of this moddability.



Did you beat Skyrim in a week-long marathon session? No worries, if you’re a PC gamer. You can download one (or more) of the 22,000+ mods for the game and keep exploring! While you occasionally see some of this in the world of the Console, it’s nothing compared with what you get in PC versions of any game on the market today, and that’s not likely to change.



PC’s are also simply more powerful than Consoles. They can do more. Graphics tend to look better, sharper, and crisper. Anything the Console can do, the PC can do better, but that power comes at a price. You’ve got to be willing to manually install the game, then tweak the settings, and as any diehard PC gamer can tell you, there’s no guarantee that the game will run after you make changes, which can lead to lots of time wasted and frustration.



So which is better? At the end of the day, what it really comes down to is what kind of gamer you are, and what kind of gaming experience you’re looking for.





5 Tools Every Gamer Should Be Using

Regardless of which game you wish to create, there are certain tools that you must have. Doing the right thing means you must invest enough time in your toolkit just as you do on your PC. Other than the basic gears of headset, keyboard, monitor and mouse you are used to, you need other special tools to keep your PC performing at its best.
The world is full of creative and innovative people with great ideas some of which can impact positively in the sector. However, many of the developers are constantly making mistakes that hinder their ability to break even. Having excellent ideas only get developers so far, however, with the following five tools they can must scale up.

Mobile Tracking AppDistimoMonitor

Many game developers are missing core opportunities to improve user experience by not mapping out key performance indicators needed for growth. When developing games for a mobile device one must think of how they can use Google Play or the iTunes to rank well. Among the tools you can use include: Distimo and Flurry

These tools offer great value in tracking mobile games performance over time by providing proper performance insights to users.

Log Management

Most data produced by games are complex and unstructured. Although a few people may play your game, the complex gamer volume, lifespan and transactions can begin to produce enormous data once you hit it big. Although this is headache, it can be good in enhancing game play, seeing your greatest players and eventually returning the game experience to normalcy. Logging solutions like Loggly can help you accomplish this.Loggly1_0

Topnotch Cloud Infrastructuremicrosoft-data-center-640x353

Most developers build their initial game on low performance machines in a personal data center which is a mistake. It may appear like a cost cutting technique, but if does not consider high performance game play. Likewise it does not consider user growth which is unpredictable the moment the game is ranked. You can begin with the future in mind and choose public cloud like Google Compute Engine to offer freedom to scale up the resources easily and deploy an atmosphere in specified global data center. This will meet variable demand that scales down or up.

PC Monitoring Software

It is frustrating to create a game of your PC only to discover that all along you were doing the wrong thing. To help you save time, money and energy, you should invest in good monitoring software that can help you keep active tabs on what you are doing. Invest in software that adds value to your investment.

Magnetic Screw Driver

This is the magic wand that makes your PC functional without which you cannot build high quality and games. Invest in a tool that can save you discomfort and frustration. If you are frustrated, you end up taking short cuts and making mistakes some of which are irreversible. There are endless high quality drivers in the market, but look for one that is made of solid stainless steel, can store internal bits and is durable enough to survive different phases of your PC reconstruction. Others may prefer rubberized grip, the choice is entirely yours to make.