Oldschool Gaming: Doom 3 Cheats Remembered


In “Doom 3”, the long awaited sequel to “Doom II”, there are at your finger tips the ability to use cheat codes. All you have to do is hit the control, alt, and tilde (that’s the one next to the 1 key) and type in any one of certain codes. There is a code to allow you to just hit the tilde key. Some of these codes include:rbdoom-3-bfg-20150711-071208-069




Enter in this code only when you want to kill yourself.



give weapon (you must specify what weapon you want)

Like you might have guessed, you have the ability to get any weapon in the game, before you are supposed to find it in the game.




This is probably the most helpful code in the game. It allows you to be immortal, to allow you to kill all your enemies, without dying.



Give all

This is another important code, as you will be able to get every single weapon the game has to offer, and give you full health and armor. Which makes this code better than the code that you have to specify the weapon you want or asking for ammo or armor.



Give keys/ give pda

These two codes will give you either the keys/pdas for the level you are in (this is the give pda code) or for the entire game (give keys).



In the game, you can also look at some of the technical information; things like graphics card info and framerate. You can also quit the game, set how fast you move, and set how high you can jump. You can also unlock another mode of the game called Nightmare Mode.



There are many other codes, but these are the basic codes throughout the game that allow you to beat the game, if you cannot do so otherwise. For other codes (and what you are supposed to enter in), there are sites that have all of that information waiting for you.



Why world of warcraft (WoW) players seek out Best bots in world of warcraft.

Savvy players use bots which run in the background to automate actions in the World of Warcraft. This is called botting. Video farms display the story of orcs and humans clashing for dominance in the Warcraft universe. For those unfamiliar with WoW, it is a multiplayer online role-playing game.

The first of this series in Warcraft is:

 Orcs & Humans.warcraft_orcs_humans-400-400

This multiplayer allows 2 players to battle one another over 20 custom maps. Fierce combat is supported for cross-platform in the IBM-PC and Macintosh versions to determine who is supreme overlord. With such a vast array players use bots to handle tasks such as getting hold of resources or mobs. Bots relate to performance optimization, searching rare mobs, advancing mesh system, intelligent pathfinding, chat monitoring and so on. While using bots is against the terms of service, it has been allowed in the warcraft universe.

However, the creator of the series, Blizzard recently have laid down the law by issuing over 100,000 six-months bans to those found cheating with bots. The hardest hit has been some of the better known bots. Here is a list.

The Honorbuddy bot:

It is a paid service which has the most stable and reliable pathfinding function.


It is one of the most efficient, if not the most efficient bot out there using proxies between accounts.

The NoobBot:maxresdefault

It is good but missing features. It is also another paid option for the heroic players of the game.

Here are some tips:
Using bots will not get anyone in trouble unless they are being obnoxious by annoying others. Unfortunately using whole armies of bots for 24hrs every day will increase chances of getting banned. However, having up to date software and occasional use of bots ensure that one will never be found out. Who said cheating in games is not legal everywhere in the world? Let the orcs v. humans settle the fate of the world.