Top GTA V Cheats & Mods


GTA V has many cheats and mods to it, many have found. You can download all the mods to enhance or change your game play experience. You must not use mods in GTA Online, but feel free to do so in single player mode.



The Mods



GTA RPGRSG_GTAV_Screenshot_201


This mod allows you to turn the game into a typical sandbox RPG rather than the criminal shooting sandbox game. It adds on the ability to customize your characters, perks, dialogue trees, level ups. Do not expect the game to give you BioWare level options, but you can expect something more complicated than Rockstar’s usual.



The Red House427x240-tLH


Should you find that the game is lacking in content, then you will need to get this bonus. It allows you to get over twenty more missions tacked on for you; included in this is a three stage heist, and AI bodyguards to help you. Quite a nice mod.



Army at Five Starsmaxresdefault (1)


In GTA 5, Rockstar decided to drop the Army getting involved to hunt you down when you hit the highest wanted level. They set it so that FIB and SWAT is the toughest you will face. This mod, Army at Five Stars, will bring the army back when you hit the highest wanted level, and helps your chances to hijack army vehicles.



The Cheats (cheats are entered in to the console window by hitting the ~ key)



Some of the cheats in the game include:



Super jump (type in hoptoit)                                            Invincibility (type in painkiller; only lasts for five minutes)

Weapons and extra ammo (enter in toolup)              lower/higher wanted level (lower: lawyerup, higher: fugitive)




You can also spawn vehicles, like a BMX bike, a crop duster plane, a rocket, a parachute, and you can change the weather and gravity in the game as well.



This is just the beginning to the fun that GTA V has to offer gamers. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, there is a lot to look at and shoot up.


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