Top PC Game Easter Eggs


One big aspect of video games, no matter the platform, is putting in Easter Eggs. Some developers will take the time to put them in every single game they make.



Half Life Room of Gabengabe_half_life_3

To see this easter egg, you will need to open up the c1a1c (the end segment of the Unforeseen Consequences part), when you activate -noclip mode, you will be able to pass through the level geometry. When you get underneath the level, you will see a black box. Once you get inside, turn on your flashlight and you will see 1,000 pictures of Valve founder Gabe Newell’s smiling face.



Half Life 2- The G-Man

Throughout the sequel of Half Life, you can see the G-Man scattered throughout the game in different areas, usually while you are driving around in the various vehicles found in the game.

Due to the fact that John Romero was very controlling during the production of Doom II, the folks at id put a so called tribute. It takes the form of a secret room that makes the gamer need to turn off clipping and walk through the walls in the final room of the game. You can shoot the disembodied head of Romero on a stick, which has been dubbed “Hell Romero”.


 World of Warcraft249612


World of Warcraft has many Easter Eggs in it, that are pop culture references. There is a character is dressed like the hero from Zelda, named Linken. Other references take the form of characters, dialogue, items, quests, and subtle plays on words. All proving that the folks at Blizzard know how to reference and put all kinds of different characters or references (there’s one to The Loch Ness Monster and Friday the 13th).



When you play “Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle”, the game gives you the chance to play the game that came out before it in it’s entirety. When you play as Bernard, go to Weird Ed’s room, use his computer and play “Maniac Mansion”.



I could go on and on with all the Easter Eggs that appear in video games, even just the ones that come from “Half Life” games.


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